Staleks Pro eyebrow tweezers Expert 10/2

  • Staleks Pro eyebrow tweezers Expert 10/2

    Classic shaped eyebrow tweezers. 

  • Classic shaped eyebrow tweezers.


    - narrow straight edges;

    - recommended for correction of thin, narrow eyebrows;

    - the large functional area of ​​the tool guarantees a reliable grip along the entire length of the hair to remove hairs without leaving the roots in the follicles;

    - comfortable grip even on the shortest, thin hairs due to the narrow edges of the tool (0.1 mm);

    - professional manual sharpening;

    - does not require intense pressure, so the master's hand does not get tired;

    - stylish, pleasant to the touch satin finish;

    - standard size handles;

    - AISI 420 stainless steel.